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 Latest release is duply_2.5.3 .

- possibility to restore time frames (incl. deleted files)
  realizable by listing each backup and restore from 
  oldest to the newest, problem: not performant
- search file in all backups function and show available
  versions with backups date (list old avail since 0.6.06)
- edit profile opens conf file in vi 
- implement log-fd interpretation
- add a duplicity option check against the options pending 
  deprecation since 0.5.10 namely --time-separator
- add 'exclude_<command>' list usage e.g. exclude_verify
- featreq 25: a download/install duplicity option
- import/export profile from/to .tgz function !!!
- remove url_encode, test for invalid chars n throw error instead

2.5.3 (10.7.2024)
- bugfix #140,141: "GPG_OPTS broken"
    see also
- detect gpg version and add '--pinentry-mode loopback' as duplicity does
  no need to it manually in GPG_OPTS anymore

2.5.2 (30.11.2023)
- bugfix #139: "ampersand (&) in gpg passphrase breaks gpg tests"

2.5.1 (4.10.2023)
- quotewrap only strings with quotes ('") or spaces from now on
- add --verbosity only if set in profile conf
- bugfix #138: fix quoting when filtering params, thx Eric
- bugfix #137: relax version parsing regex

2.5.0 (25.09.2023)
- bugfix #136: "not compatible with duplicity 2.x", thx tengel, lds, Rhomeo
  check for duplicity 2.1+ (2.0 broke implied commands), 
  command line ui changed incompatibly
- filter in/excludes more strictly for more duplicity actions now
- replace '--file-to-restore' with '--path-to-restore'
- filter backup only params now

2.4.3 (05.05.2023)
- bugfix #134: workaround bash 4.2 and earlier read bug (thx Tavio Wong)

2.4.2 (19.01.2023)
- featreq #55: change to purgeAuto in systemd unit files (thx B.Foresman)
- featreq #56: systemd files should go in /etc, not /lib (thx B.Foresman)
- bugfix #133: read -N not available on macOS (thx Peter Torelli)

2.4.1 (09.09.2022)
- fixup duplicity links, moved to
- bugfix: duply hangs on awk version detection on OpenBSD (thx phthomas137)

2.4 (06.04.2022)
- bugfix #127: date_from_nsecs ignores format string
- bugfix #116: separators print date now too
- featreq #48: add purgeAuto command (see man page)
- replaced tab indents with 2spaces everywhere
- bugfix #129,131,132: duply stumbles over 'python -s' shebang,
    python interpreter parse failed if duplicity is a snap app
- bugfix #130: duplicity version check failed "gpg: WARNING: ..."
- version output, always print PYTHONPATH, if interpreter was determined
- update python references to python3

2.3.1 (11.02.2021)
- bugfix 123: symmetric encryption errs out, asks for '' private key

2.3 (30.12.2020)
- don't import whole key pair anymore if only pub/sec is requested
- gpg import routine informs on missing key files in profile now
- add check/import needed secret key for decryption
- featreq 50: Disable GPG key backups, implemented/added settings
    GPG_IMPORT/GPG_EXPORT='disabled' to conf template

2.2.2 (24.02.2020)
- bugfix 120: Failures in "Autoset trust of key" during restore 
  because of gpg2.2 fingerprint output change

2.2.1 (22.01.2020)
- featreq 46: Example systemd units & Howto, courtesy of Jozef Riha
- featreq 47: Clarify message about keeping the profile, also by Jozef Riha
- fix abbreviation spelling of 'e.g.'

2.2 (30.12.2018)
- featreq 44: implement grouping for batch commands
    new separators are [] (square brackets) or groupIn/groupOut
    command 'backup' translates now to [pre_bkp_post] to be skipped as
    one block in case a condition was set in the batch instruction

2.1 (23.07.2018)
- be more verbose when duplicity version detection fails
- using info shows python binary's path for easier identification now
- reworked python interpreter handling, it's either
    configured per PYTHON var
    unconfigured, parsed from duplicity shebang
    or set to current duplicity default 'python2' (was 'python' until now)
- do not quotewrap strings because of slashes (e.g. paths) anymore
- bugfix: improved in/exclude stripping from conf DUPL_PARAMS

2.0.4 (20.02.2018)
- bugfix 114: "duply usage is not current" wrt. purgeFull/Incr
- bugfix 115: typo in error message - "Not GPG_KEY entries" should be "No"
- bugfix 117: no duply_ prefix when ARCH_DIR is set in conf
- bugfix debian 882159: duply: occasionally shows negative runtimes

2.0.3 (29.08.2017)
- bugfix: "line 2231: CMDS: bad array subscript"
- bugfix 112: "env: illegal option -- u" on MacOSX

2.0.2 (23.05.2017)
- bugfix: never insert creds into file:// targets
- bugfix: avail profiles hint sometimes shortend the names by one char
- bugfix 108: CMD_NEXT variable should ignore conditional commands (and, or)
- export condition before/after next/prev command as CND_PREV,CND_NEXT now
- bugfix 97: Unknown command should be ERROR, not WARNING 

2.0.1 (16.11.2016)
- bugfix 104: Duply 2.0 sets wrong archive dir, --name was always 'duply_'

2.0 (27.10.2016)
made this a major version change, as we broke backward compatibility anyway
(see last change in v1.10). got complaints that rightfully pointed out
that should only come w/ a major version change. so, here we go ;)
if your backend stops working w/ this version create a new profile and
export the env vars needed as described in the comments of the conf file
directly above the SOURCE setting.
- making sure multi spaces in TARGET survive awk processing
- new env var PROFILE exported to scripts 
- fix 102: expose a unique timestamp variable for pre/post scripts
  actually a featreq. exporting RUN_START nanosec unix timestamp
- fix 101: GPG_AGENT_INFO is 'bogus' (thx Thomas Harning Jr.)
- fix 96: duply cannot handle two consecutive spaces in paths

1.11.3 (29.5.2016)
- fix wrong "WARNING: No running gpg-agent ..." when sign key was not set

1.11.2 (11.2.2016)
- fix "gpg: unsafe" version print out 
- bugfix 91: v1.11 [r47] broke asymmetric encryption when using GPG_KEYS_ENC
- bugfix 90: S3: TARGET_USER/PASS have no effect, added additional 
  documentation about needed env vars to template conf file

1.11.1 (18.12.2015)
- bugfix 89: "Duply has trouble with PYTHON-interpreter" on OSX homebrew
- reverted duply's default PYTHON to 'python'

1.11 (24.11.2015)
- remove obsolete --ssh-askpass routine
- add PYTHON conf var to allow global override of used python interpreter
- enforced usage of "python2" in PATH as default interpreter for internal
  use _and_ to run duplicity ( changed the shebang to the fixed
  path /usr/bin/python until 0.7.05, which we circumvent this way)
- featreq 36: support gpg-connect-agent as a means to detect if an agent is 
  running (thx Thomas Harning Jr.), used gpg-agent for detection though
- quotewrapped run_cmd parameters to protect it from spaces e.g. in TMP path
- key export routine respects gpg-agent usage now

1.10.1 (19.8.2015)
- bugfix 86: Duply+Swift outputs warning
- bugfix 87: Swift fails without BACKEND_URL

1.10 (31.7.2015)
- featreq 37: busybox issues - fix awk, grep version detection,
  fix grep failure because --color=never switch is unsupported
  (thx Thomas Harning Jr. for reporting and helping to debug/fix it)
- bugfix 81: --exclude-globbing-filelist is deprecated since 0.7.03
  (thx Joachim Wiedorn, also for maintaining the debian package)
- implemented base-/dirname as bash functions
- featreq 31 " Support for duplicity Azure backend " - ignored a 
  contributed patch by Scott McKenzie and instead opted for removing almost
  all code that deals with special env vars required by backends.
  adding and modifying these results in too much overhead so i dropped this
  feature. the future alternative for users is to consult the duplicity 
  manpage and add the needed export definitions to the conf file.
  appended a commented example to the template conf below the auth section.

1.9.2 (21.6.2015)
- bugfix: exporting keys with gpg2.1 works now (thx Philip Jocks)
- documented GPG_OPTS needed for gpg2.1 to conf template (thx Troy Engel)
- bugfix 82: GREP_OPTIONS=--color=always disrupted time calculation
- added GPG conf var (see conf template for details)
- added grep version output as it is an integral needed binary
- added PYTHONPATH printout in version output

1.9.1 (13.10.2014)
- export CMD_ERR now for scripts to detect if CMD_PREV failed/succeeded
- bugfix: CMD_PREV contained command even if it was skipped

1.9.0 (24.8.2014)
- bugfix: env vars were not exported when external script was executable
- rework GPG_KEY handling, allow virtually anything now (uid, keyid etc.) 
  see gpg manpage, section "How to specify a user ID"
  let gpg complain when the delivered values are invalid for whatever reason
- started to rework tmp space checking, exposed folder & writable check
  TODO: reimplement enough file space available checking

1.8.0 (13.7.2014)
- add command verifyPath to expose 'verify --file-to-restore' action
- add time parameter support to verify command
- add section time formats to usage output 

1.7.4 (24.6.2014)
- remove ubuntu one support, service is discontinued
- featreq 31: add authenticated swift (contributed by Justus Seifert)

1.7.3 (3.4.2014)
- bugfix: test routines, gpg2 asked for passphrase although GPG_PW was set

1.7.2 (1.4.2014 "April,April")
- bugfix: debian Bug#743190 "duply no longer allows restoration without 
   gpg passphrase in conf file"
   GPG_AGENT_INFO env var is now needed to trigger --use-agent
- bugfix: gpg keyenc test routines didn't work if GPG_PW was not set

1.7.1 (30.3.2014)
- bugfix: purge-* commands renamed to purgeFull, purgeIncr due to 
   incompatibility with new minus batch separator 

1.7.0 (20.3.2014)
- disabled gpg key id plausibility check, too many valid possibilities
- featreq 7 "Halt if precondition fails":
   added and(+), or(-) batch command(separator) support
- featreq 26 "pre/post script with shebang line": 
   if a script is flagged executable it's executed in a subshell 
   now as opposed to sourced to bash, which is the default
- bugfix: do not check if dpbx, swift credentials are set anymore 
- bugfix: properly escape profile name, archdir if used as arguments
- add DUPL_PRECMD conf setting for use with e.g. trickle

1.6.0 (1.1.2014)
- support gs backend
- support dropbox backend
- add gpg-agent support to gpg test routines
- autoenable --use-agent if passwords were not defined in config
- GPG_OPTS are now honored everywhere, keyrings or complete gpg
  homedir can thus be configured to be located anywhere
- always import both secret and public key if avail from config profile
- new explanatory comments in initial exclude file
- bugfix 7: Duply only imports one key at a time 

1.5.11 (19.07.2013)
- purge-incr command for remove-all-inc-of-but-n-full feature added
  patch provided by Moritz Augsburger, thanks!
- documented version command in man page

1.5.10 (26.03.2013)
- minor indent and documentation fixes
- bugfix: exclude filter failed on ubuntu, mawk w/o posix char class support
- bugfix: fix url_decoding generally and for python3
- bugfix 3609075: wrong script results in status line (thx David Epping)

1.5.9 (22.11.2012)
- bugfix 3588926: filter --exclude* params for restore/fetch ate too much
- restore/fetch now also ignores --include* or --exclude='foobar' 

1.5.8 (26.10.2012)
- bugfix 3575487: implement proper cloud files support

1.5.7 (10.06.2012)
- bugfix 3531450: Cannot use space in target URL (file:///) anymore

1.5.6 (24.5.2012)
- commands purge, purge-full have no default value anymore for security 
  reasons; instead max value can be given via cmd line or must be set
  in profile; else an error is shown.
- minor man page modifications

versioning scheme will be simplified to [major].[minor].[patch] version
with the next version raise (4.2.2012)
- bugfix 3479605: SEL context confused profile folder's permission check
- colon ':' in url passphrase got ignored, added python driven url_decoding
  for user & pass to better process special chars (16.10.2011)
- bugfix 3421268: SFTP passwords from conf ignored and always prompted for
- add support for separate sign passphrase (needs duplicity 0.6.14+) (1.10.2011)
- bugfix 3416690: preview threw echo1 error
- fix unknown cmds error usage & friends if more than 2 params were given (23.9.2011)
- bugfix 3409643: ssh key auth did ask for passphrase (--ssh-askpass ?)
- bugfix: mawk does not support \W and did not split multikey definitions
- all parameters should survive  single (') and double (") quotes now (7.6.2011)
- featreq 3311881: add ftps as supported by duplicity 0.6.13 (thx mape2k)
- bugfix 3312208: signing detection broke symmetric gpg test routine

1.5.5 (2.5.2011)
- bugfix: fetch problem with space char in path, escape all params 
  containing non word chars
- list available profiles, if given profile cannot be found
- added --use-agent configuration hint
- bugfix 3174133: --exclude* params in conf DUPL_PARAMS broke 
- version command now prints out 'using installed' info
- featreq 3166169: autotrust imported keys, based on code submitted by 
  Martin Ellis - imported keys are now automagically trusted ultimately 
- new txt2man feature to create manpages for package maintainers (6.1.2011)
- new command changelog
- bugfix 3109884: freebsd awk segfaulted on printf '%*', use print again
- bugfix: freebsd awk hangs on 'awk -W version' 
- bugfix 3150244: mawk does not know '--version'
- minor help text improvements
- new env vars CMD_PREV,CMD_NEXT replacing CMD env var for scripts (4.12.2010)
- output awk, python, bash version now in prolog
- shebang uses /usr/bin/env now for freebsd compatibility, 
  bash not in /bin/bash 
- new --disable-encryption parameter, 
  to override profile encr settings for one run
- added exclude-if-present setting to conf template
- bug 3126972: GPG_PW only needed for signing/symmetric encryption 
  (even though duplicity still needs it)

1.5.4 (15.11.2010)
- as of 1.5.3 already, new ARCH_DIR config option
- multiple key support
- ftplicity-Feature Requests-2994929: separate encryption and signing key
- key signing of symmetric encryption possible (duplicity patch committed)
- gpg tests disable switch
- gpg tests now previewable and more intelligent

1.5.3 (1.11.2010)
- bugfix 3056628: improve busybox compatibility, grep did not have -m param
- bugfix 2995408: allow empty password for PGP key
- bugfix 2996459: Duply erroneously escapes '-' symbol in username
- url_encode function is now pythonized
- rsync uses FTP_PASSWORD now if duplicity 0.6.10+ , else issue warning
- feature 3059262: Make pre and post aware of parameters, 
                   internal parameters + CMD of pre or post (16.4.2010)
- bugfix: date again, should now work virtually anywhere (3.4.2010)
- minor bugfix: duplicity 0.6.8b version string now parsable
- added INSTALL.txt (23.3.2010)
- bugfix: date formatting is awked now and should work on all platforms

1.5.2 (2.3.2010)
- bugfix: errors print to STD_ERR now, failed tasks print an error message
- added --name=duply_<profile> for duplicity 0.6.01+ to name cache folder
- simplified & cleaned profileless commands, removed second instance
- generalized separator time routines
- added support for --no-encryption (GPG_KEY='disabled'), see conf examples
- minor fixes (5.2.2010)
- bugfix: added special handling of credentials for rsync, imap(s) (7.1.2010)
- bugfix: nsecs defaults now to zeroes if date does not deliver [0-9]{9}
- check if ncftp binary is available if url protocol is ftp
- bugfix: duplicity output is now printed to screen directly to resolve
          'mem alloc problem' bug report
- bugfix: passwords will not be in the url anymore to solve the 'duply shows
          sensitive data in process listing' bug report (24.12.2009) 'merry xmas'
- bugfix: gpg pass now apostrophed to allow space and friends
- bugfix: credentials are now url encoded to allow special chars in them
          a note about url encoding has been added to the conf template (1.11.2009)
- bugfix: open parenthesis in password broke duplicity execution
- bugfix: ssh/scp backend does not always need credentials e.g. key auth (21.09.2009)
- bugfix: fixed s3[+http] TARGET_PASS not needed routine
- bugfix: TYPO in duply 1.5.1 prohibited the use of /etc/duply

1.5.1 (21.09.2009) - duply (fka. ftplicity)
- first things first: ftplicity (being able to support all backends since 
  some time) will be called duply (fka. ftplicity) from now on. The addendum
  is for the time being to circumvent confusion.
- bugfix: exit code is 1 (error) not 0 (success), if at least on duplicity 
          command failed
- s3[+http] now supported natively by translating user/pass to access_key/
  secret_key environment variables needed by duplicity s3 boto backend 
- bugfix: additional output lines do not confuse version check anymore
- list command supports now age parameter (patch by stefan on feature 
  request tracker)
- bugfix: option/param pairs are now correctly passed on to duplicity
- bugfix: s3[+http] needs no TARGET_PASS if command is read only (31.07.1009)
- bugfix: insert password in target url didn't work with debian mawk
          related to previous bug report (23.07.2009)
- bugfix: gawk gensub dependency raised an error on debian's default mawk
          replaced with match/substr command combination (bug report)


1.5.0 (01.07.2009)
- removed ftp limitation, all duplicity backends should work now
- bugfix: date for separator failed on openwrt busybox date, added a 
  detecting workaround, milliseconds are not available w/ busybox date (14.05.2009)
- bugfix: free temp space detection failed with lvm, fixed awk parse routine

1.4.2 (22.04.2009)
- gpg keys are now exported as gpgkey.[id].asc , the suffix reflects the
  armored ascii nature, the id helps if the key is switched for some reason
  im/export routines are updated accordingly (import is backward compatible 
  to the old profile/gpgkey files)         
- profile argument is treated as path if it contains slashes 
  (for details see usage)
- non-ftplicity options (all but --preview currently) are now passed 
  on to duplicity 
- removed need for stat in secure_conf, it is ls based now
- added profile folder readable check
- added gpg version & home info output
- awk utility availability is now checked, because it was mandatory already
- tmp space is now checked on writability and space requirement
  test fails on less than 25MB or configured $VOLSIZE, 
  test warns if there is less than two times $VOLSIZE because 
  that's required for --asynchronous-upload option  
- gpg functionality is tested now before executing duplicity 
  test drive contains encryption, decryption, comparison, cleanup
  this is meant to detect non trusted or other gpg errors early
- added possibility of doing symmetric encryption with duplicity
  set GPG_KEY="" or simply comment it out
- added hints in config template on the depreciation of 
  --short-filenames, --time-separator duplicity options

new versioning scheme 1.4.2b => 1.4.2, 
beta b's are replaced by a patch count number e.g. will be assigned
to the first bug fixing version and to the second and so on
also the releases will now have a release date formatted (Day.Month.Year)

1.4.1b1 - bugfix: ftplicity changed filesystem permission of a folder
          named exactly as the profile if existing in executing dir
        - improved plausibility checking of config and profile folder
        - secure_conf only acts if needed and prints a warning now

1.4.1b  - introduce status (duplicity collection-status) command
        - pre/post script output printed always now, not only on errors
        - new config parameter GPG_OPTS to pass gpg options
          added examples & comments to profile template conf
        - reworked separator times, added duration display
        - added --preview switch, to preview generated command lines
        - disabled MAX_AGE, MAX_FULL_BACKUPS, VERBOSITY in generated
          profiles because they have reasonable defaults now if not set

1.4.0b1 - bugfix: incr forces incremental backups on duplicity,
          therefore backup translates to pre_bkp_post now
        - bugfix: new command bkp, which represents duplicity's 
          default action (incr or full if full_if_older matches
          or no earlier backup chain is found)

new versioning scheme 1.4 => 1.4.0, added new minor revision number
this is meant to slow down the rapid version growing but still keep 
versions cleanly separated.
only additional features will raise the new minor revision number. 
all releases start as beta, each bugfix release will raise the beta 
count, usually new features arrive before a version 'ripes' to stable
  1.4b  - added startup info on version, time, selected profile
        - added time output to separation lines
        - introduced: command purge-full implements duplicity's 
          remove-all-but-n-full functionality (patch by unknown),
          uses config variable $MAX_FULL_BACKUPS (default = 1)
        - purge config var $MAX_AGE defaults to 1M (month) now 
        - command full does not execute pre/post anymore
          use batch command pre_full_post if needed 
        - introduced batch mode cmd1_cmd2_etc
          (in turn removed the bvp command)
        - unknown/undefined command issues a warning/error now
        - bugfix: version check works with 0.4.2 and older now
  1.3b3 - introduced pre/post commands to execute/debug scripts
        - introduced bvp (backup, verify, purge)
        - bugfix: removed need for awk gensub, now mawk compatible
  1.3b2 - removed pre/post need executable bit set 
        - profiles now under ~/.ftplicity as folders
        - root can keep profiles in /etc/ftplicity, folder must be
          created by hand, existing profiles must be moved there
        - removed ftplicity in path requirement
        - bugfix: bash < v.3 did not know '=~'
        - bugfix: purge works again 
  1.3   - introduces multiple profiles support
        - modified some script errors/docs
        - reordered gpg key check import routine
        - added 'gpg key id not set' check
        - added error_gpg (adds how to setup gpg key howto)
        - bugfix: duplicity 0.4.4RC4+ parameter syntax changed
        - duplicity_version_check routine introduced
        - added time separator, shortnames, volsize, full_if_older 
          duplicity options to config file (inspired by stevie 
  1.1.1 - bugfix: encryption reactivated
  1.1   - introduced config directory
  1.0   - first release